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Bhagavān Is Not Biased (Part 1)

By Satyanarayana Dasa The following article is part of Anuccheda 93 of Paramātma Sandarbha and my commentary (which will be posted next week). This anuccheda discusses the unbiased nature of Bhagavān. During the course of establishing this nature, Śrī Jīva Gosvāmī also explains why there is suffering in the material world if God is very

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New Edition of Tattva Sandarbha Released!

Jiva Institute has just released a brand new edition of Tattva Sandarbha, which is the first book of Jīva Gosvāmī’s Ṣaṭ Sandarbha. The first edition, published nineteen years ago, has been out of print for some time. The new edition has been completely revised from start to finish. The entire text has been re-translated from

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