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Prīti Sandarbha (continued) - By Babaji Satyanarayana Dasa
Vaiśeṣika Sūtras of Kaṇāda with Praśastapāda Bhāṣya - By Babaji Satyanarayana Dasa
Sanskrit for Beginners – By Gururaja
Vedic Psychology – By Dr. Joshika Richmond
Bhakti-Ratna Course 4
Prīti Sandarbha – By Babaji
Vaiśeṣika Sūtras of Kaṇāda – By Babaji
Sanskrit for Beginners - By Gururaja
Vedic Psychology - By Dr. Joshika Richmond
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Feminine Spirituality

Feminine Spirituality

Feminine Spirituality presents ancient wisdom in a novel context. It gives clear concepts about women, freedom, and love creating harmony between the masculine and feminine energies in ourselves and in our relationships. 

To understand Feminine Spirituality one has to go beyond logic and imbibe its wisdom in an intuitive way.  

Discover the Feminine which is beyond gender. Explore the essence of shastra in an intuitive way.  Learn about your inner self to attain your goal of happiness and spiritual fulfillment.

The course, consisting of 4 parts, gives a gradual insight into the dynamics of feminine spirituality. Every chapter summarises the main points under discussion. After each summary participants have the opportunity to answer topic-related questions to ensure a deep understanding of the content. Each chapter ends with a self-awareness question. Looking into the mirror of our inner self and reflecting on the questions is a way of becoming more aware of ourselves. Self-reflection strengthens our emotional awareness, i.e. we gain a better understanding of our emotions, strengths, and weaknesses. In this way, we can improve our emotional intelligence, make better decisions and become more confident on the path of feminine spirituality. This course is meant for men and women whose passion is to reconnect with their inner feminine self.





Part I – Body & Mind

Interplay of Male & Female Energies

This is the introductory course to Feminine Spirituality. Feminine and masculine energies are present in everyone. This realization leads to the secret of feminine love and how to (re)connect with your inner feminine self.


Difference between Sex and Gender

  • Sex and Gender. What is the Difference?
  • Reading: Misapplication of “You are not the body”
  • Reading: The Vedic View on Homosexuality
  • Feminine Spirituality Quiz
  • Self-Awareness 

Masculine and Feminine Qualities

  • Masculine and Feminine Qualities. Are they Related to Sex and Gender?
  • Introspection: Discovering Your Masculine and Feminine Personality Traits
  • Feminine Spirituality Quiz
  • Self-Awareness

Union of Masculine and Feminine Energies in Everyone

  • Introduction to the Union of Masculine and Feminine Energies
  • Union of Masculine and Feminine Energies in Everyone
  • Introspection: Identifying Masculine and Feminine Energies in Yourself
  • Feminine Spirituality Quiz
  • Self-Awareness

Following our own Nature Strengthens

  • Introduction: Following our own nature
  • Accept Your Nature, Reach Perfection
  • Accepting Your Own Nature
  • Reading: Masculine and Feminine Dynamics in Relationships
  • Introspection: Devi and Sanjay
  • Feminine Spirituality Quiz
  • Self-Awareness

Feminine qualities described in Vedic scriptures

  • Feminine Qualities in Vedic Scriptures
  • Reading: Did Women study the Vedas?
  • Reading: Female Guru
  • Reading: Tolerance
  • Reading: Women in Vedic Culture
  • Feminine Spirituality Quiz
  • Self-Awareness      

Feminine Love 

  • Sita. Example of Feminine Qualities
  • Intention of the Introspection
  • Introspection: Analysing your Emotions, Thoughts and Actions
  • Characteristics of Feminine Love
  • Oneness of Heart
  • Feminine Spirituality Quiz
  • Self-Awareness
  • Love and Relationships


Part II – Feminine Awareness 

Creator and creation symbolized as man and woman

Vedic wisdom explains how the creator and creation are symbolized as a man and a woman. This knowledge gives you the power to enrich your spiritual vision and discover the actual meaning of ‘woman’ and ‘freedom’.


​​Creator and creation symbolized as man and woman

  • Introduction: Symbolism of man and woman in the creation 
  • Reading: Indian schools of philosophy and theology
  • Reading: The confidential meaning of woman
  • Feminine Spirituality Quiz
  • Guided Self-Awareness

Prakriti symbolizes materialistic mentality

  • Introduction: The meaning of prakriti 
  • Reading: Purusha and Prakriti. Choosing our identity
  • Reading: Purusha and Prakriti in Indian Philosophy
  • Introspection: Desires of the mind
  • Feminine Spirituality Quiz
  • Guided Self-Awareness

The meaning of woman in Vedic scriptures

  • Introduction: The meaning of “woman”
  • Is woman a seductress?
  • Women and freedom
  • Love and hatred are in the mind
  • Reading: Women and lust
  • Reading: Was Chanakya a male chauvinist
  • Reading: Freedom versus protection of women
  • Reading: Descriptions of women in Vedic scriptures
  • Reading: Are women duplicitous and selfish according to Vedic scriptures?
  • Introspection: Spiritual Goal
  • Feminine Spirituality Quiz
  • Guided Self-Awareness


Part III – Emotions 

Your Mirror of Emotions




Emotions are thoughts with power. How to manage them? How can your mind be your friend? The most powerful emotion is love and finds its perfection in spirituality.

The most powerful Emotion is Love

  •  Introduction: Love, the most powerful emotion
  • Reading: Love and Control
  • Reading: Solution for Raga and Dvesa
  • Reading: Why Love turns into Hate
  • Introspection: Attention is not Love
  • Feminine Spirituality Quiz
  • Guided Self-Awareness

Emotions are the Spice of Life  

  • Introduction: Emotions, the spice of life
  • Feminine Spirituality Quiz
  • Self-Awareness 

Emotions Manifest on three Levels

  • Introduction: Emotions on three levels 
  • The purpose of emotions
  • Reading: Bhakti and Neuroscience
  • Feminine Spirituality Quiz
  • Self-Awareness

Perfection of Emotions

  • Introduction: Perfection of emotions
  • Fixity of mind leads to perfection
  • Reading: Attachments at the Time of Death
  • Reading: Peace
  • Reading: Radio Interview on the Vedic View of the Mind
  • Introspection: Being in the Present
  • Introspection: Peace of Mind
  • Feminine Spirituality Quiz
  • Self-Awareness


Part IV – Inner Self

Confidential Meaning of “Woman”



Discover the Power of women-in-love and its meaning for everyone’s spiritual journey. The inner self of everyone has a feminine disposition. This is the confidential meaning of ‘woman’ according to Indian wisdom.

Power of women-in-love

  • Introduction: Women-in-love
  • Feminine Spirituality Quiz
  • Self-Awareness

Why has the inner self a feminine mood

  • The inner self has a feminine disposition
  • Feminine Spirituality Quiz
  • Self-Awareness

Feminine Energy for Everyone’s Spiritual Journey

  •  Introduction: The purpose of feminine energy
  •  Feminine Spirituality Quiz
  • Self-Awareness 

Eight Amorous Women

  • Introduction: Eight amorous women
  • Amorous women today and in the past
  • Introspection: Women-in-Love
  • Feminine Spirituality Quiz
  • Self-Awareness

RadharaniConfidential Meaning of “Woman”

  • Introduction: Confidential meaning of “woman”
  • Uddhava aspires to understand Radha’s love
  • Uddhava praises the Gopis
  • Arjuna aspires to understand Radha’s love
  • Krishna’s wives aspire to understand Radha’s love
  • Reading: Surrender
  • Feminine Spirituality Quiz
  • Self-Awareness


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