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Sins and Offenses to the Holy Name

Question: Sins are many, starting from unavoidable killing while cooking or walking, etc. There are also sins incurred in one’s lifestyle, in earning a...   Read More

Eating Habits, Cleanliness, How to Deal with Loneliness

Question: I’m curious about eating habits according to Ayurveda. Why do so many sadhus and strong bhajana practitioners eat only once a day? Is...   Read More

Joy Between Bhagavan and Bhakta, Siddha-deha

Question: This morning while doing my daily pūjā, I had the following realization: When I devote myself to the bhakti of Bhagavān, I experience...   Read More

The Role of Varnashrama Duties in Bhakti

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Question: According to Baladeva Vidyābhūṣana, what happens to nitya-karma upon attainment of vidya (prema-bhakti)? Does it become ineffective, or does it become vidya (prema-bhakti)?...   Read More

Realization of Brahman and the Individual Self

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Question: In Siddhānta-ratnam (1.33) Śrī Baladeva says: The conclusion here is this—jñāna (knowledge) is a synonym of the words vidyā and vedana, and it...   Read More

Paramatma and Krsna, Sattvic Lifestyle as Gateway

Question: I read elsewhere that it is Paramātmā who is present everywhere, in the atoms and in the hearts of every living entity. So,...   Read More

Coexistence of Bhakti and the Spirit of Enjoyment

Question: Sādhana of uttamā-bhakti leads to bhāva and prema. If sādhana-bhakti has as its taṭastha lakṣaṇa the total absence of the desire to enjoy,...   Read More

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