Gopi svarupa or Indian Girl?

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Question: Is it correct to say that if one meditates wrongly one can take the next birth as a material Indian girl; one can only attain gopi svarupa while following the descriptions in the Gosvamis’ books.

Anwer: You were right. One needs to submissively follow the indications and descriptions given by the Guru and by the Gosvamis, otherwise one will get an adverse effect. There needs to be a submissive attitude.

Question: We see persons in Gaura lila having two svarupas in Krishna lila and vice versa. Like Ramananda Ray being both Vishakha Sakhi and Arjuna. Are they different souls or the same?

Anwer: He will be either Vishakha or Arjuna according to the mood and the circumstance. You should not see it as Krishna Lila transforming into Gaura Lila at some time in history. Both lilas are eternal and beginningless. They eternally run parallel with each other.

Question: I heard a samadhi is being built for a fallen sannyAsI who passed away. Originally, for whom are samadhis meant actually?”

Anwer: For those who have accepted vesh (sannyasa). Not only in modern Vaishnavism, it is an ancient custom like that. It is not extending to caste-considerations, only to sannyasa. Other types of samadhi are jala samadhi, wherein the entire body, uncremated, is let into a holy river, or the entire body is buried, as the Christians and Muslims do. A fallen sannyasi should not receive samadhi. He has lost his vow.

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    The Gopi’s happiness and suffering is not independent of Krishna. If Krishna is not suffering, then the Gopi’s are not suffering. If Krishna is happy, even in separation from them, the Gopis feel happy because Krishna is happy. Our problem is that our happiness and suffering is independent of Krishna and Guru. Therefore, we approach Guru with the unconscious desire that he can make us feel happy, not the other way around.

    — Babaji Satyanarayana Dasa
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