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Prīti Sandarbha (continued) - By Babaji Satyanarayana Dasa
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Bhakti-Ratna Course 4
Prīti Sandarbha – By Babaji
Vaiśeṣika Sūtras of Kaṇāda – By Babaji
Sanskrit for Beginners - By Gururaja
Vedic Psychology - By Dr. Joshika Richmond
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Aliens, Spiritual Planets and Gunas
Questions & Answers

Aliens, Spiritual Planets and Gunas

Aliens and demoniac Forces

Question: There is much real evidence and alternative information on the internet about the existence in asteroids and planets in our solar system which can have catastrophic impact. I also heard that there is an underground alien race trying to control our civilization who is  in contact with a secret government. They have created the artificial crisis as a means to control the population. According to esoteric sources there is a big trial between light and darkness. The secret and demoniac forces in collaboration with the secret government are preparing the scenario for the third world war. 2012 is supposed to be the year of great changes for humanity. Would you please comment on this according to your view and the shastra? Are we going to be the witnesses of something extraordinary that will change the life and evolution of humanity?

Answer: There is no support for all this in shastra. I do not believe in it. Evolution in humanity does not happen like this. It happens only when God or his great devotees come and preach, not by secret agents. This is Kali Yuga, the age of confusion and darkness. No wonder people come up with such theories.


Travel to spiritual Planets

Question: Practically speaking, can one travel to other planets, including the spiritual planets? If so, how?

Answer: Yes, it is possible but may not be practical. One can travel by having complete control of mind and develop powers to travel. But that is not the purpose of spiritual life and such powers are only an obstacle to our ultimate goal.


Qualification for entering Goloka

Question: How does one know if ones devotional activities and way of life qualifies one to enter Goloka?

Answer: When your mind is fully fixed on Krishna, you have no other desires except service to Krishna.

Question: Can one ever know?

Answer: Yes. This is subjective but if you are advanced enough you can also recognize others who have achieved this state.



Question: Does the shift in consciousness by way of ”offering” all activities to Lord Krishna remove all effects of rajo guna, of all activities, all the time?

Answer: Yes.

Question: If the material world and the things in it are filled with the gunas, then how does one prevent oneself from being affected?

Answer: By being surrendered to God who is the master of gunas. If you go to someone’s house and he has a dog that jumps on you as soon as you enter the main gate, the only person who can get the dog away is the owner, not the neighbor, not a passer-by.

Question: Where can I read up more on the gunas?

Answer: Bhagvad Gita chapter no 14,17.