Sanskrit Non-translatables: The Importance of Sanskritizing English

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“Sanskrit Non-Translatables” is a ground-breaking and audacious attempt at Sanskritizing the English language and enriching it with powerful Sanskrit words.

While it is commonly observed that Sanskrit terms have been inadequately translated into English and thus lost some of their original connotations and crucial nuances, with this book the authors attempt to reverse the process.

“Sanskrit Non-Translatables” is a reference guide to protecting key Sanskrit terms and philosophical concepts from being distorted, plagiarized, or trivialized to the point of obsolescence.

Babaji Satyanarayana Dasa has co-authored this book with author and researcher Rajiv Malhotra, the founder-director of the Infinity Foundation. The Foundation’s books have the common approach of presenting an analysis of distorted theories about ancient Indian religious culture and of exposing the falsity and Eurocentric assumptions of such theories.


Page count: 302 p.

Binding: hard cover with dust jacket

Publication date: November 2020

ISBN: 978-93-90085-48-4

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