STUDIES - Basic Sanskrit (registration fee), 5th Semester of Bhakti Tirtha Course (2020-2021)

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"The beginners' course is meant to give a good general introduction to the use of Sanskrit in our sampradāya, remembering that there are several genres within the Gauḍīya corpus. It fits a lot into a one-year period, but it is meant for people who are serious about going deeply into the scriptures.
The course has been in development for several years and is improving with each revision.
It is more than just learning a language. It is communicating and feeling a love for it. It should not be a forced labor, but one of enjoyment and love. It is an opportunity to enter into the rasa of Sanskrit and its literature, in particular that of our sampradāya."

Please note that recordings are not included in the fee and can be offered separately at a discount. Please contact us at

More information on the Bhakti Tirtha course, which also includes this Sanskrit course.

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