From Taj to Vraj

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A feminine spiritual odyssey

Many Sanskrit texts have been misinterpreted due to a lack of knowledge or with the intent to malign and exploit women. If one doesn’t know the hermeneutics of Indian scriptures one will misinterpret what they are actually saying. Because of this misunderstanding women are often being labeled as maya based upon the physical body and not by their internal disposition.

From Taj to Vraj explains some of the ambiguous verses and highlights the deep psychological insight into humanity that is embodied in the Indian scriptures. It discusses the conflict between sexuality and asceticism, misconceptions about the Kama-sutra and the practice of Sati, as well as the Power of the Divine Feminine. In conclusion, From Taj to Vraj reveals the confidential meaning of ‘woman’ in shastra.

Author: Jaya Devi
Jaya Devi (Ph.D.Sanskrit), originally from Belgium, found her spiritual home in India. She is a disciple of Sri Satyanarayana Dasa Babaji, the founder-director of the Jiva Institute of Vaishnava Studies in Vrindavan, UP, India. For the past ten years she has been the secretary of the Jiva Institute where she manages the library and coordinates their seminars and cultural activities. Her inspiration is to facilitate women in their spirituality.


ISBN: 8170263344
Cover: Paperback
Language: English
Page count: 158
Publication date: 2014

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    Most of the time what people call love is just attachment, because they are doing it for their own pleasure. You can only see this when you become free from attachment. When there is attachment, our perception becomes disturbed and we don’t see things clearly. That is why they say love is blind – you can’t see because of your attachment.

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