AUDIO-Complete Ayurveda


AUDIO-Complete Ayurveda A-35

A complete explanation about Ayurveda:

* Basic introduction to Ayurveda

* Definition of Ayurveda and health

* Basic principles of Ayurveda

* Manifestation of prakrti

* Tridosa principle

* Physical constitution and three gunas

* Relation of health and mind to gunas and dosas

* Ayurvedic physiology

* Nadis, prana and jatharagni

* The role of ama in causation of diseases and basic diagnosis as through puls diagnosis or Jyotisa

* Nutrition importance of six tastes and guidelines for eating

* Characteristics of six tastes

* Puls diagnosis, four cycles in Ayurveda and seasonal routine

* Daily routine

* Celibacy, pregnancy and giving birth

* The concept of panca-nidhana as cause of diseases and a discussion about love

* Further causes of diseases according to Caraka and the role of spirituality in healing

* Therapies in Ayurveda

* Ayurvedic rasayanas


Place: USA

Language: English

Year: 2011

Duraiton: 29 Hrs 20 Min

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  • Satyanarayana Dasa

    Satyanarayana Dasa
  • Daily Bhakti Byte

    When you are free within, then nobody can make you a slave. When you are not free within, then nobody can make you free. Your unconscious mind will keep on troubling you and you will be a slave to your mind. If you make your mind your servant, then you are the king and you can really enjoy. You should try to uplift yourself using your mind, not degrade yourself.

    — Babaji Satyanarayana Dasa
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