AUDIO-Complete Ayurveda


AUDIO-Complete Ayurveda A-35

A complete explanation about Ayurveda:

* Basic introduction to Ayurveda

* Definition of Ayurveda and health

* Basic principles of Ayurveda

* Manifestation of prakrti

* Tridosa principle

* Physical constitution and three gunas

* Relation of health and mind to gunas and dosas

* Ayurvedic physiology

* Nadis, prana and jatharagni

* The role of ama in causation of diseases and basic diagnosis as through puls diagnosis or Jyotisa

* Nutrition importance of six tastes and guidelines for eating

* Characteristics of six tastes

* Puls diagnosis, four cycles in Ayurveda and seasonal routine

* Daily routine

* Celibacy, pregnancy and giving birth

* The concept of panca-nidhana as cause of diseases and a discussion about love

* Further causes of diseases according to Caraka and the role of spirituality in healing

* Therapies in Ayurveda

* Ayurvedic rasayanas


Place: USA

Language: English

Year: 2011

Duraiton: 29 Hrs 20 Min

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