Expansions of Jaya and Vijaya

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Question: In Srimad Bhagavat 8.21.16-17, it is said that Jay and Vijay combatted the demons [outside of Vaikuntha]. In his tika, Sri Visvanatha Cakravartipad says –

jaya-vijaya iti bhagavato brahmaNyatvasya bhaktAnAm aparAdha-vibhISikAyAz ca pradarzanArtham evAnayoH prakAzAv eva vaikuNThAd adhaH petatur iti tRtIye vaikuNTha-varNana eva vyAkhyAtam

Does the word prakAzau mean that Jay and Vijaya were expansions or originals of the ones of Vaikuntha? Were the originals always in Vaikuntha? I get the idea that they  –

1. descended as Hiranyaksa / Hiranyakasipu
2. expanded as Jay/Vijay for this battle
3. remained in Vaikuntha in their original forms [because all forms in Vaikuntha are eternal].

Generally, how can spiritual bodies be eternally in the spiritual world and yet be anadi baddha [bound since time without beginning] at the same time?

Answer: Jaya and Vijaya remained in Vaikuntha, and their expansions descended to earth. Even the expansions who came as Hiranyaksa and Hiranykashipu were not anadi baddha. If Jaya and Vijaya come down themselves then who will do their service of doorkeeping?

As Sri Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakur writes,  it is only the prakashau or expansions, and one purpose of this pastime is to show devotees the peril of an aparadha, which is very important to understand for a sadhaka of uttama bhakti.

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