Schedule 2017

Febr. 12th – 18th MauritiusVisiting friends
April 18th - 21stLangenargen, Germany
April 22nd – 23rd Pierre Chatel, FranceTips for a healthy mind and body
April 23rd – 28th Pierre Chatel, FranceBhagavad Gita Ch. 17
May 3rdSun Water Spa, Manitou Springs, Colorado, USAIntroduction into Bhagavad Gita
(7.00 - 8.30 pm)
May 4thSun Water Spa, Manitou Springs, Colorado, USAIntroduction into Vedic Psychology (7.00 - 8.30 pm)
May 16th – 18th Boston, Kripalu Center, Stockbridge, MA.Ayurveda Psychology (for registered students only)
May 19th – 20th Boston, Art and Soul StudioBhagavad Gita
May 21st – 24th KripaluVedic Psychology
May 26th– 29th BostonUnderstanding your Mind through Vedic Psychology
June 2nd – 8thMalaga, SpainRetreat: Brhad Bhagavatamrita
June 11th – 22ndWarsaw, PolandVedic Psychology (for Ayurvedic Consultants)
June 13th - 17th BobolinVedic Psychology
June 19th - 23th BobolinBhagavad Gita
June 24rd- 28thVilnius, LithuaniaRetreat
June 29th- 30thLangenargen
July 26th - 31stJapanBhagavad Gita and Vedic Psychology: Jiva Japan Ayurveda
August 27th – Sept. 1st Pierre Chatel, FranceBhagavad Gita, Ch.18
September 2nd – 3rd Pierre Chatel, FranceSeminar on Srimati Radharani
September 10th – 15thJohannesburg, South AfricaSeminar and lectures
September 17th – 22ndPennsylvaniaSvadhyaya Retreat, Level 1
September 24th New JerseyRudgers Reunion Dinner
September 25th – 27thNYC , Yoga studiosClasses on Yoga
September 28 – Oct. 2nd Menla, New York State Bhagavad Gita
October 2nd – 8thSandy Pines Hospital, FloridaVedic Psychology Training
Oct. 15th - March 30th 2018Vrindavan, IndiaBhakti Tirtha Study Course, Level 2
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