Schedule 2016

Dec. 28th 2015 - Jan. 17th 2016Jiva Institute, VrindavanAn Introduction to Hinduism for State Univ. of NJ, Rutgers, Undergraduate Students

April 23Langenargen, GermanyLecture on Brihad Bhagavatamritam
April 25 - 29Pierre Chatel, FranceBhagavad Gita, Ch.14
April 30 - May 1Pierre Chatel, FranceVedic Psychology and Psychotherapy (with Joshika Devi Dasi)
May 3 - 6Alet Les Bains, South France
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Bhagavad Gita, Ch.2
May 8 - 14Malaga, SpainGopi Gitam Retreat
May 14 Arrival at Boston Airport , USA
May 17 - 19Kripalu, MA, USAAyurvedic Psychology and Philosophy
May 23 - 25Valencia, SpainLectures on healthy life and Ayurveda - Bhakti yoga - mind and meditation
May 26Madrid, SpainThe Soul according to Bhagavad Gita
May 28Barcelona, SpainThe spiritual goal in Ayurveda
May 29Valencia, SpainBhakti Yoga & Kirtana
June 4 - 5Warsaw, PolandVedic Psychology and Psychotherapy (with Joshika Devi Dasi)
June 6 -11Vilnius, LithuaniaYoga of Dejection
June 11-12 Warsaw, PolandSeminar for Ayurvedic Consultance
June 14Bobolin, Polandlecture in Ayurvedic center
June 15-17Bobolin,. PolandUnderstanding the Mind with Dr. Partap
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June 18Workshop on role of mantras in Ayurvedawith Dr. Partap
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July 15 - 18JapanRetreat and seminar
August 13 - 15VrindavanVrindavan Retreat – A unique insight into Wellbeing from Ayurvedic Perspective
Aug. 21 - 27Pierre Chatel, FranceBhagavad Gita, Ch.15
Aug. 28 - Sept. 4Pierre Chatel, FranceSvadhyaya Retreat, Levels 1-2
Sept. 7 - 11 Johannesburg, South AfricaSvadhyaya Retreat, Level 1
Sept.12 - 14Johannesburg, South AfricaPublic program
Sept. 19 - 20New York City, USAClasses on Yoga
Sept. 21- 23 Kripalu, MA, USAVedic Psychology (with Joshika Devi Dasi)
Sept. 23 - 28USA (to be announced)Svadhyaya Retreat, Levels 1-2
Sept 28 - Oct 1 Menla/YogaVidya, New York State
Bhagavad Gita
Oct 2Open Center, New Yorklecture
Oct. 16 - March 31 2017Vrindavan, India Bhakti Tirtha Study Course