The following is a selection of articles by Dr. Satyanarayana Dasa which have been published on this website on a variety of topics evolving around Vedic Culture, Bhakti Yoga and analysis of the human mind and of modern society. All texts are offered as pdf-files for download.

Babaji Satyanarayana Dasa


Identity versus Cancer


The Journey after Death

Addiction means Slavery of the Mind

Best of Hitopadesha

Flow and Wellness


Chant Mantras to Attain God Realization

Don’t be an Animal – Understand the Reality of Beauty

Bhakti-Yoga: The Path of Love

Peace – The By-Product of a Healthy Mind

Why Love Turns into Hate

Tolerance – Catalyst for Unity

The Yoga of Dejection

Why be a Vegetarian

Bhakti Prevails

A Different View

Goal-Setting in Spirituality

Cyclone R. Thasur—Causative of the Current Economic Crisis

A Vedic Solution to Terrorism

Education for Intellect and Soul

The Role of Entertainment in Vedic Life

The Necessity of Self-Discipline

Beating Stress with Ancient Indian Knowledge

Nurturing a Supporting Family

Modern Perspective on Ancient Truth  (by Bruce Martin)

Adhikara – Eligibility for Understanding Scriptures

Integration of Self into Reality (by Bruce Martin)

Question of a Dying Man

Dissatisfaction Leads to Perfection

Are Bliss and Knowledge Inherent?

Reiki and the Healer (by Bruce Martin)

Need or Greed?

How to Deal with Adversity

In Ads We Trust

Feeling Guilt

Fire – The Transformational Energy of Life

What is Jnana

The Vaishnava Concept of Maya

The Transcendental Nature of the Holy Name – 1

The Transcendental Nature of the Holy Name – 2

The Meaning of Non-Existence

Reality and the Transcendental Body of a Vaishnava

Freedom versus Protection