Bhakti-tirtha Level 2

Preparations for Level 2 of Bhakti-tirtha at Jiva Institute Vrindavan have started and we are open for registration. For a detailed description about the purpose and background of this course, please refer to our last course announcement and the review article.


The course will run from October 16th 2017 through March 30th 2018.


Every day at 9 am we will have morning kīrtan. It will include prayers from the Bhāgavatam, and Mahāmantra. There will also be optional kīrtans in the evenings. On Ekādaśīs there will be no classes, but we observe silence and focus on japa.

Monday through Friday:

10 – 11 am Sanskrit (by Jagadananda Das)
11 – 12 am Completing the second, third and fourth chapters of the Eastern wave of Bhakti-rasāmṛta-sindhu followed by Bhagavat Sandarbha (by Babaji Satyanaraya Dasa)
12 – 1 pm Completing Tarka Saṅgraha followed by Alaṅkāra-kaustubha of Kavi Karnapura (by Babaji Satyanaraya Dasa)


Babaji teaching Bhakti-tirthaOn Wednesdays no new material will be covered. Instead there will be review classes of the previous sessions. Students can ask questions on the course covered so far.

On Saturday 11 am, Babaji will continue teaching Hari-nāmāmṛta-vyākaraṇa (Sanskrit Grammar) for the interested students. Those who are interested in comprehending grammar through English can attend Ananda Mohan’s workshop after his class

On Sunday 11am there will be special optional classes on Vedic Psychology, Feminine Spirituality, Theogony of Sound, and lectures by visiting professors. They will be announced in advance.

On Saturdays and Sundays at 5pm Babaji will give Bhagavatam classes, unless there is some other special program.


Brief Description of the Main Subjects:

Bhakti-rasāmṛta-sindhu by Śrī Rūpa Gosvāmī is one of the essential books of the Gaudiya sampradya that teaches the progressive stages of bhakti and the various rasas.Śrī Jīva Gosvāmī’s Bhagavat Sandarbha is the second book of the Six Sandarbhas that presents a detailed analysis of the Absolute Reality in its hightest manifestation Bhagavān, based upon Śrīmad Bhāgavata Purāṇa.Tarka Saṅgraha is an entry level book offering a systematic overview of Nyaya/Vaisheshika in its newer (navya) period.Kavi Karnapura’s work Alaṅkāra-kaustubha is a book on Sanskrit poetics.Jagadananda prabhu’s Sanskrit course will follow the new publication “Jiva Tirtha Sanskrit: Sādhaka Pāṭhyam and other Sanskrit Primers”.


Jiva Institute also offers optional courses on demand, e.g. Yoga, Hindi, classical music, and Ayurvedic cooking. On special occasions we will also conduct tours of Vraja (Radha Kunda, Govardhan, Nandagaun, etc.).

BT classThere will be a two-week introductory course on Hinduism for students from Rutgers University, New Jersey, which can be attended by the Bhakti-tirtha students. This begins on December 27th.

The last week of January will be off. Students can stay on campus or leave.

New students who want to attend the Level 1 course will be given the facility to watch the videos of the previous session. On Wednesdays they can meet the teachers and ask questions in person.

Those who have not taken the first level and want to attend the second level can listen to the recorded classes in the summer break. At the beginning of October they will be asked to take an online-test. If they pass it they will be admitted to the second level. Please contact us for further details.

There will be also study groups which can be attended by all students.


The Fees:

$200 registration until end of June, $300 for registrations after that. Please write to: Jaya@jiva.orgFood per month: $ 250Accommodation:

Ashram: $ 150 per month. $ 800 for 6 months in advance.

Student Hostel: $ 210 per month. $ 1100 for 6 months in advance.

Guest House: $ 300 per month. $ 1600 for 6 months in advance.

There are other options for food and accommodation in the vicinity, which students are free to choose.

Remote, On-Line Study:

$ 550 for complete recordings of the whole course.

Recordings for registered students who attend the course: $ 150.

Each course can also be purchased individually. Details can be given upon request.

Course materials are not included in the above fees.


Please note that we have some students who do not have the financial means to support themselves and pay for the fees. If anyone would like to sponsor such students please contact us!





Comments ( 2 )
  1. Manju

    Dear Malatiji,
    I must be missing the link for registration and payment for the course level 2, I’ve tried looking at the obvious options, store and courses in the menu but unable to spot it. Could you please guide me so I can complete the registration process.
    Warm regards,

    • Malatimanjari Post author

      Pranam dear Manju ji! Yes, this is not very clear. I also have to add the accommodation prices. We have no link, best is to just contact us via website or email and let us know that you want to register. Then you can send the fees either via Paypal (I will add the button again on the Frontpage) or by some other means.
      Looking forward to seeing you again in Vrindavan!

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